The World Cup is inevitably going to become a 48 team tournament. Whether you like the idea or not once FIFA gets that kind of idea in its head and people start backing it there's literally nothing you can do.

Just like UEFA taking the European Championships from 16 teams to 24 teams it looks like FIFA are going to be extending their signature tournament sometime in the near future, perhaps that could do it for Qatar 2022 just so we've got something else to talk about.

That World Cup in five years time will impact three years of football considering it's going to be played in the winter, meaning seasons will have to finish early the season before, take a break the season of and probably start later the season after, wow.

But what could make a bigger impact on domestic football is an extension of the tournament as more teams means more matches. However Jose Mourinho is the first club manager to back the plans, as long as it doesn't mean a longer season.

"I'm totally in favour. As a club manager, if the expansion meant more games, less holidays and less pre-season for players, I would say no. But it's important for critics to analyse and understand that expansion doesn't mean more matches

"Players are protected and clubs are protected in this way. I prefer groups of three. Two matches and then through to the knock-out stages or go home. This way, the two group matches are crucial, then the knock-out stage is next which brings even more emotion.

Teams with less potential and experience will probably play two matches and go home.But they would do so having improved and gained experience on the pitch, which would be added to the economic rewards of appearing at the finals - including further investment in their footballing infrastructure."

Jose Mourinho

The Manchester United manager also backed the introduction of Video refereeing, although you'd imagine that the robots would be in for a right tongue lashing if they went against his team: "We all need it. Professionals can't lose or win matches and titles because of a refusal of this evolution. Sponsors, owners and investors must feel that technology is there.

"Also, referees especially need and deserve protection. They need the technology to help them, protect them and to support them."

The extended World Cup is coming, but will it be the right decision?